Beat Jumper EDM Up
Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apk v2.6.8 (Unlimited Money) Unlimited Gems / All Unlocked Unlocked Balls, No Ads


Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apk v2.6.8 lets you take the music ball as highest as you can by moving left or right in the auto jump platforms. Get ready to listen to the beats by dropping and grabbing the diamonds in the most addictive casual and musical game.
GameBeat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apk
GenreCasual | Productivity
Size45 MB
Version2.6.8 (Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
Price$0.99 per itemย > FREE
Available InDownload Section
Mod InfoUnlimited Money / Unlimited Gems / All Unlocked / Unlocked Balls / No Ads

Alternate Game: Magic Tiles

How can we enjoy every bit of Beat Jumper EDM up Mod Apk?

As we know it is the age of technology and game developers are introducing many games on a daily basis that are of interest to many players.ย  It is not possible to find one of these interesting games which can be a source of entertainment and relaxation for any player. There are some of these games which are related to music. Players can not only play games but also enjoy music while playing these games.

So let’s introduce you to the same passion and the most entertaining game which is the best choice for players. It is a game with many great features that will make all gamers enjoy it to the fullest.ย Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apkย Unlocked Balls is a bouncing ball game that is very addictive and you will be stuck with your mobile screen because millions of people are downloading it.



Here are some demanding features of this game that will be discussed in detail to know more about it.

Amazing Gameplay

Playing any game is not difficult at all when you just have to swipe the screen with your fingers. Its gameplay is very simple and sophisticated so that players never get bored and enjoy it to the best of their abilities.

In Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apkย Unlimited Money, players are given a music ball and they have to control it there are many places where the ball has to be bounced high. There will be a lot of blocks and the player will start slowly and take the ball up. All you have to do is keep the ball in the right position when you bounce it up because if the ball falls down, your turn will be lost. The game is very simple and easy because you only have to control the right or left position of the ball.


Non-Stop Rhythmic Jams

In Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apkย Unlimited Gems, players will have the option to enjoy a very simple game with music. As long as you can climb these different ladders, there will always be non-stop bouncing jams at your request. You will be able to have these unlimited jams and enjoy this great stuff to the fullest and devote your time to the best musical game.


Endless Gameplay

The most beautiful thing for the players is that Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apkย All Unlocked brings an infinite number of different stages. In this game, the players can go up with their ball but cannot go down because as you go up the player will go to many new stages and will be able to come along. When a player crosses a certain level, the points he gains are multiplied by going to the next stage.

For example, when a player, if he crosses the level he will be given one point but as he reaches the second stage his points are multiplied by two. Just as the player passes the next stage. As you go through it, you will also receive diamonds as rewards that will be added to your inventory. That way, we can say that this game has no limits and we can play it endlessly.


Interesting Challenges

This game will not be interesting if you only have to control the ball and move it up.ย  So many missions have been set up to make the playersโ€™ entertainment even better and more challenging.ย  By crossing them you can go to the next stage. In the first stage, the blocks will be in one place and you will be able to take your musical ball up with great ease.

As the stages progress, the ball becomes more and more difficult to control with high acceleration. When more difficult stages come up, it may be difficult for the player to touch it or climb the stairs properly. These steps may seem difficult, but one of their advantages is that as you go through these steps and set new records, you will get more points.


Colored Balls and Themes

If we talk about ball games, it has often been observed that there is only one color ball provided throughout the game.ย  But as you go through the different stages and the different kinds of experiments, you will be provided with many other new things.ย  The most beautiful of these is that you will be given colorful balls. You can select the ball of your choice so that your gameplay is to your liking.

The second best feature of Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apkย No Ads is that you are provided with different themes through which you can play your favorite game and enjoy playing them more.


Why is Beat Jumper EDM so popular?

Beat Jumper EDM is popular because of the musical balls gameplay and the captivating rhythms to enjoy to the fullest.

Is it an offline game?

Yes, this game is played in offline mode. You donโ€™t need internet connectivity for playing this game.

How to get this game?

You can visit the Download Section of this game and download it to your devices for free.


If you want to become the best rhythmic ball game master by controlling a ball by hopping up the moving platforms then this game is a free gift for you. Get your ball to the highest level and be the king of this game in the mesmerizing mission completion gameplay. Millions of players recommend this game to beat the musical party and you are also advised to download this game from the link given below.

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Beat Jumper: EDM up!
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Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod Apk v2.6.8 (Unlimited Money) Unlimited Gems / All Unlocked Unlocked Balls, No Ads is the most addictive game ever.

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