Stick Cricket Mod Apk v1.6.21 Download Everything Unlocked

Stick Cricket
Stick Cricket Mod Apk v1.6.21 Download Everything Unlocked / Unlimited Money Stumps / Unlimited Money And Coins Latest Version 2022


The Stick Cricket Mod Apk v1.6.21 lets you become the ultimate cricket megastar by taking full control over your mobile cricket game and you can also smash sixes, and make your own twenty 20 cricket team and sign marvelous superstars to reach the super cricket league Glory.
GameStick Cricket
Size38 MB
Version1.6.21 (Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
Price$0.99 per itemย > FREE
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Mod InfoEverything Unlocked / Unlimited Money Stumps / Unlimited Money And Coins
Offered ByStick Sports Ltd

Alternate Game: Gully Cricket

How Thrilling Is The Stick Cricket Mod Apk?

Cricket is one of the most popular and most played sports of all time. Cricket is a sport that has millions of fans all over the world and people of all ages love the Stick Cricket Mod Apkย to the heart. This is a game that is played on a certain field, would you like to play this amazing game on your mobile devices? Of course, you will love to play this amazing game.

If you are looking for a marvelous game for fans that includes amazing features and the guidelines about a little understanding of this beautiful cricket game then you will be enjoying this fabulous cricket game in the best possible way. Create your best team and sign superstars to enjoy the interactive cricket league from around the world and find the opportunity to play your favorite game for free.



Letโ€™s talk about some amazing features of theย Stick Cricket Mod Apk to know more about it.

Exclusive Gameplay

If we talk about gameplay, it is much easier to play in this android game because the player is standing in the right direction in front of the opponent and when the ball comes from the front, you have to hit long sixes with your finger gestures.

In the Stick Cricket Mod Apk Everything Unlocked, you are allowed to make the player of your choice and get a chance to win with the newly made cricket team. If you want to choose your best team and guide your victories through this team, then you have to play great matches and feel free to participate in your team management and other aspects of the game.


Create Your Player

In this particular cricket game, as soon as you log in, you will now have to decide what kind of cricket character you want to create. Thatโ€™s the decent thing to do, and it should be done instantly there.

In the Stick Cricket Super League Apk, you can change your characterโ€™s hairstyle, facial style, hairstyle, shirt, and shoes. Moreover, you can choose your color from the extended library of colors. Thereโ€™s also a wide range of other accessories you can get for free.

70 Teams To Play With

The Stick Cricket Mod Apk 2022 is a unique cricket game in which not only one team plays but also many teams take part in different matches. This exciting game offers some of the best ODI and T20 games and you can play with any team of your choice to play it.ย  When you make your best team, then you will have 70+ special teams in front of you from which you can choose your best team and present a great game.

So, all you have to do now is choose your best team out of these 70 different teams and get on the field.ย  Then amaze the world with your brilliant game that you are the king of cricket who is better than all the teams.

Sign Super Stars

Once you have chosen your true best cricket star and firepower team out of these 70 teams, you will have to make deals with the best cricketers in the world to strengthen your squad.

As soon as you become a great team you will be able to get the world to know you by your name and different big players of the world will come to you and sign contracts. Now, invite the best players in the world to you and play a game with a special team of you.


Smash Long Sixes

When your best player has put a helmet on his head, what is there to stop? Now the game has started. As soon as the ball comes to you, you have to hit long sixes perfectly and as soon as the crowd makes a noise then there will be fireworks in the background which will provide a charming scene.

Surprise your opponents with your best batting and take to the field and hit long sixes to lead your team to victory and extraordinary events in the game.

Captain Your Team

While having fun with the Stick Cricket Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Coins, you will have the authority to choose your first XI from the best player in the world and choose the best player to play the batting and bowling by becoming a full-fledged captain. Because you are the last megastar of cricket and the best player then your decision will be final and your favorite player will come on the field and play the best game.


Fast Track The Innings

It has often been observed that batting is the most preferred mode in cricket.ย  As soon as you get tired of watching the bowlers run through the opposing team by hitting sixes or fours, you are given the option of fast track innings, in which you have to make the final decision of scores randomly.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that you do not have to bowl, but with artificial intelligence in a certain way, the Stick Cricket Mod Apk Latest Versionย presents the score and the number of wickets in front of you and when you are given the target you have to achieve it at any cost and reach the glory in a fast track cricket game.


How do you play stick cricket?

It is one of the best simple ideas playing a game where you have to smash the ball to all parts of the ground and you are the player that is ready to hit the ball in all corners.

Can you bowl Stick cricket?

When there is a toss, the player can select whether to bat or bowl. Initially, you control the batting side of your team because the bowling is automatic in the whole gameplay

How to get this game free?

You can visit the Download Section of this game and get this game for free.


Well, we have discussed enough the amazing Stick cricket Mod APK whether you can experience the most entertaining aspects of the renowned game by playing the all thrilling gameplay and choosing your best team, and customizing according to your own choice. Millions of players all already enjoying this cool game for free. You are also welcome to click on the download link of this game below and have it all on your devices.
90 / 100
Stick Cricket Super League
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Stick Cricket Mod Apk v1.6.21 Download Everything Unlocked / Unlimited Money Stumps / Unlimited Money And Coins Latest Version 2022.

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