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Avee Player Mod Apk v1.2.129 Without Watermark 2022 / Unlimited Template / Premium Unlocked (Full Unlocked)


The Avee Player Mod Apk is the best and most downloaded lightweight music player with one of the best video playback capabilities. It comes with an equalizer, folder browsing options, song crossfading, and high-definition video production.
AppAvee Music Player
Size11 MB
Version1.2.129 (Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
Price$0.99 per itemย > FREE
Available InDownload Section
Mod InfoWithout Watermark / Unlimited Template (Premium Unlocked)
Offered ByDaaw Aww
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How entertaining is the Avee Player Mod Apk?

In the old days, you would need a tape recorder or a large volume of music to listen to a song, but in modern times this is not the case at all because all types of technological advancements are made directly inside your mobile device.ย  There are many types of music players that allow you to play your favorite song anytime, anywhere according to your choice.

As music is the food of the soul for many people, they listen to a sad song or a song full of joy in their anxious moments or happy moments. So if you also want to listen to any sad or happy song of your choice then you will need a great and very easy music player.ย  We have brought to you an excellent and most loved music player named Avee Player Mod Apk with the help of which you can not only listen to your songs but also customize the extremely fantastic visualizers that come in different colors, shapes, or any kind of import or export of visualizer templates.



Letโ€™s have a look at the amazing features of theย Avee Player Mod Apk so we may know more about it.

Import and Export Visualization Template

Theย Avee Player Mod Apk Unlimited Template comes with amazing visualization templates by which you can set your visualization graph according to your choice. Whether you can get the files that have visualizer templates or you may find various other templates also which are shared online the internet.

Media Formats Support

This is one of the most famous Entertainment Applications and media players that supports almost every most popular media format such as mp3, Mp4, 4k, Avi, .wmv, .mov and MTS also.


Direct Folder Browsing

Whenever you want to open a file or video or audio file in this fabulous application you just have to click on the add folder or add file option and this application will directly browse the folder where your media files pertain. You donโ€™t have to open the gallery and select the desired file whether it is in audio or video and play it into the default music player. Direct folder browsing has been the best option for music player lovers.

Customizable Visualizers

If you install a music player and play your file in it, it will not be fun to listen to the song because of the absence of Visualization effects.

Theย Avee Player Mod Apk comes with the most amazing customizable audio visualizers which can be used during listening to any song or file from this application.


Export Visualizers

There are a lot of visualizers in this application and the best thing is that you can export them in the form of files to the other device or from any data sharing application on the internet. The export option has been the best choice for the users of this cool application.

Searchable Library

An application that is having a search option is considered to be the user’s friendly application. This application also has a searchable library option in the top corner. Whenever you want to play a song or search for a file you can click on the search bar of this application and type the name of the file. You will instantly see the results about the name of your search and this is an amazing tool provided in this application.


Screen orientation lock

There are two options for any media file to be displayed in portrait or landscape mode. Some people like to play any video in landscape mode, and others like the portrait option. This application has both options when you tilt your screen in the left or right direction while watching any media file. The best part is you can lock the screen orientation while watching any of your favorite songs or movie.

Save customizable Playlists

When you are listening to some music then definitely you want to save your favorite playlist for the future. The benefit of the saved playlist is that you can access directly your favorite song or file and you donโ€™t have to scroll and search for that specific file.

This application has the benefit of saving the customizable playlist to your devices. You can add any of your favorite songs or file and also remove them in the customizable playlist that you have created in this application. So, we can say that this feature saves a lot of your time.


Media and Bluetooth Controls

Whenever you want to control the whole application from another device, you can do it easily because this application has the media and Bluetooth control options free for you. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth option from the settings and connect the parallel device to this application. Now, you are in full access to this application and its controls. You can easily play, forward, or stop any media file from another device.

Sleep Timer

The Avee Player Mod Apk Without Watermark 2022 does not just work as the best music player or video application but it also has a sleep timer option for you that will be very beneficial when you are listening to your song and have a specific timetable for your work or anything else.

Once you have selected the specific time in the sleep timer option, this application will work from the artificial intelligence technology, and at the exact time, your file will be stopped and you can have a sleep sound without worrying about the drainage of your device battery.



There are 2 types of outstanding themes available for you. You can set your audio player or video player according to your choice. You can also create your own visualizer from the customization option. Now enjoy your own made visualizer audio player to the full extent with amazing themes.

No ads

Sometimes you may be having issues with the in-app ads that pop up during the playing of any audio or video file. As this is the premium unlocked version, there will be no ads popping while playing your favorite songs. This is totally an ads-free version for you.

Simple Layout

As we have already discussed, it is a lightweight music player so you will be happy to know that the layout of this application is the simplest of all music players. You just have to open the application and there will be a Play button. You can resume the already played song are you can listen to a new song from the gallery of this application within seconds. Being a music lover, you will enjoy this application and have a lot of entertainment.

Premium Freedom

As this is the most demanding and absolutely stunning player, so we have arranged a premium and unlocked version for you. You can enjoy the creative features of this personalized video player with the amazing content and full video export settings. The logo of the Avee Player Mod Apk Full Unlockedย will be hidden and the customization option will be unlocked for the creation of your own visualizers in this mod version. You have absolute premium freedom all the way.


Is Avee Player free?

You may be asked for some in-app purchases in the original version of this application but here, you can get the free version that is totally unlocked with premium features.

Can we use this player in offline mode?

Yes, this is an absolutely offline application and you can use it in offline mode whenever you want.

How to get this application?

You can get this application totally free from the Avee Player Download Section.


Theย Avee Player Mod Apk is available for you in the premium version that supports processing, creating, and exporting the audio or video files from one device to another in an easy way. It is a simple and lightweight music player with notable unlocked features that include song cross-feeding, equalizer options, folder browsing, and video playback capability. As millions of users are already enjoying this app, you can also have it all on your devices by clicking on the download link given below.

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Avee Player Mod Apk v1.2.129 Without Watermark 2022 / Unlimited Template / Premium Unlocked (Full Unlocked).

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