Lokicraft Mod Apk v1.09 (Unlimited Everything) Free

Lokicraft Mod Apk v1.09 (Unlimited Everything) Gun / Car (Unlimited House) Unlimited Health / Unlimited Money Latest Version 2022


Lokicraft Mod Apk v1.09 Unlocked all money Free download unlimited everything is an amazing crafting game in which you have to build your imaginations with ultimate blocks.
Size59 MB
Version1.09 (Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
Available InDownload Section
Mod Info(Unlimited Everything) Gun / Car (Unlimited House) Unlimited Health
Offered Byakseno2

Alternate Game: Block Craft 3D

What is Lokicraft Mod Apk?

If you have ever imagined creating your own digital world by different blocks in childhood then you are in the right place because Lokicraft Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) provides you the best opportunity to meet your dream of crafting your own world in some sensational and amazing way.

You are free to build any type of block and destroy them if you dislike them. You can get the free resources from the game and create various tools with the help of blocks on which you are able to survive and make the different and unique buildings of your own choice.



Following are some amazing features of this game to know more about it.

Easy Gameplay

The gameplay of Lokicraft Mod Apk Unlimited Money is very simple and excellent.ย  This is a very simple game and you do not need any special skills to learn this game. As soon as you download the game and play it you will know in the first few minutes of the game. You have to select the blocks you want and start creating anything according to your imagination.

Creative Mode

In this mode, you will be provided with innumerable resources which you can use to the best of your ability using your creativity to the best of your ability.

You will now have unlimited access to the inventory you have and you will have all the resources absolutely free through which you can create whatever you want. You have to accomplish the mission using unlimited resources in the game of the best creativity to achieve your goal.


Survival Mode

There are some interesting aspects to this game, and one of the most unusual aspects of this game is that it can be played in survival mode. The smooth gameplay of this game and the unusual high definition graphics already add to the beauty of this game.ย  Survival mode is an interesting feature that adds to its exciting and free options.ย  If you want to play this game and keep more interest in it then you have to play this mode.


Fight with Monsters

There are some levels in Lokicraft Mod Apk Unlimited Health, in which you have to make your own house to escape from the monsters. The enemies of this game include zombies, big spiders, and many other enemy hordes. Most enemies attack at night.

They will definitely come to you and if you have decided to avoid them and keep yourself alive, you will have to eat your food on time and monitor your appetite. If you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, you must find different foods, grow your crops or kill large crowds to get meat.

Limitless World

In Lokicraft Mod Apk (Unlimited House), you can create any kind of map or design for free.ย  If your heart wants you to create the structures you like, you can do that too. It has over a hundred blocks and various items are available for your convenience through which you can build farms, towns, castles, or custom houses. With the help of these blocks, you can build a great new and modern city that will be much appreciated by your friends and family.


Unique Designs

In this game, you can create amazing custom designs in which all these designs will be absolutely free for you. Do you ever wish that you could build your own city within a single mountain, then you can build these blocks and design whatever you want according to your custom designs?. Also, if you want to create the perfect farm with lots of different animals, you can make any design you want in Lokicraft Multiplayer Mod Apk.


Who made Lokicraft?

The developers โ€œakseno2โ€ made the Lokicraft game.

Is Lokicraft a copy of Minecraft?

There are some pretty substantial similarities to Minecraft in this original game. If you have ever played Minecraft then Lokicraft will be just easy for you.

How to get this game?

You can easily get this game from the Download Section.


Lokicraft Mod Apk v1.09 gives players the ultimate choice and freedom of crafting the unique digital world in whatever shape they want with the free given tools. The best news is that all the premium features are unlocked in this most played by millions of players game in the world. You can become one of the millions of players that are enjoying this game by carving the digital world according to their own choices in the form of blocks. If you want to download this game then you can just single click on the link given below.
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