Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk


Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk are you tired of wondering if your phone’s camera or microphone is being used without your knowledge? Well, Access Dots has the solution! This simple and easy-to-use app adds a small dot to your screen whenever an app uses your camera or mic. With the release of Android 12 and iOS 14, privacy concerns have been at the forefront of mobile device usage. In this blog post, we will explore everything there is to know about Access Dots – from what it is and how to use it, to its pros and cons, alternatives, and how to download it. Stay tuned for all the details on how this innovative app can protect your privacy in just one tap!

What is Access Dots?

Access Dots is a privacy-focused app that adds small dots to your screen, indicating when an app uses your phone’s camera or microphone. When you see the dot, you can be sure that an app is accessing these features and potentially recording audio or video without your knowledge.

One of the key benefits of Access Dots is its ease-of-use. Once installed on your device, it automatically runs in the background and will show a green dot for camera usage and orange for microphone activity. You can also customize where on the screen you would like these dots to appear.


Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk Another benefit of using Access Dots is its compatibility with both Android 12 and iOS 14 operating systems. With Apple’s recent focus on user privacy settings, this app offers users peace of mind knowing their sensitive information remains secure.

Access Dots offers a simple yet effective solution for anyone concerned about their mobile device’s privacy.

Access Dots - Android 12/iOS 1 Apk

How to Use Access Dots

Access Dots is a useful app that can be used to enhance the privacy and security of your Android or iOS device. Once you have installed the app, using it is quite simple.

To use Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk, simply open the app and grant it all necessary permissions. Once done, you will see an active dot on your screen whenever any application uses your microphone or camera. The color of this dot will depend on whether the microphone or camera is being accessed.


You also have the option to customize these dots by adjusting their size, position, and visibility duration. This way, you can make sure that they don’t interfere with your phone’s usability while still providing you with essential privacy information.

Additionally, Access Dots provides a history log that records each time an application accesses either your microphone or camera. You can access this log from within the app settings and view which apps are accessing these features.


Using Access Dots is straightforward and intuitive. It allows for increased transparency regarding when applications access sensitive features on your device without compromising usability in any way.

Pros and Cons of Access Dots

Access Dots is a useful tool for Android and iOS users that lets them know when an app is using their phone’s camera or microphone. As with any technology, there are pros and cons to using it.

One of the biggest advantages of Access Dots is increased privacy. With so many apps now requesting access to your camera and microphone, it can be difficult to keep track of who has permission to use these features. Access Dots solves this problem by giving you a visual cue whenever an app is accessing your phone’s camera or microphone.

Another benefit of Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk is improved security. By alerting you when an app accesses your camera or microphone, Access Dots can help prevent unwanted surveillance from hackers or other malicious actors.


However, one potential downside of using Access Dots is that it may be too sensitive at times. For example, if you have multiple apps open at once and they all request access to the camera or microphone simultaneously, you may receive notifications from each one in quick succession.

While there are some drawbacks to using Access Dots, its benefits far outweigh any potential downsides – especially for those concerned about their privacy and security online.

How to Download Access Dots

Downloading Access Dots is a simple and straightforward process.
To download Access Dots on your Android device, open the Google Play Store and search for “Access Dots.” Once you find it, click on “Install” to begin the download process. After installation is complete, launch the app to start using it.

For iOS users, simply go to the App Store and search for “Access Dots,” then click on “Get” to initiate the download. Once installed, launch the app and follow any additional instructions that may be prompted.

It’s important to note that although Access Dots is free to download and use, there may be in-app purchases available for additional features or functionalities. Be sure to read through all information provided before making any purchases.

Downloading Access Dots should only take a few minutes of your time but can provide added peace of mind when it comes to protecting your privacy while using various apps on your device.

Alternatives to Access Dots

While Access Dots is a useful tool for those concerned about their privacy, it’s not the only option available. There are several alternatives that offer similar features and functionality.

One such alternative is the app “Permission Manager”. It allows users to monitor and control permissions granted to apps on their device, including camera and microphone access. Users can also receive notifications when an app requests permission.

Another alternative is “Privacy Indicator”. This app displays icons in the status bar indicating which apps have recently accessed the camera or microphone. It also provides quick access to settings where users can disable permissions for specific apps.
Like Access Dots, this app overlays colored dots on top of the screen when an app accesses either the camera or microphone. However, Access Granted offers additional customization options such as different dot colors and sizes.


Ultimately, choosing between these alternatives will depend on individual preferences and needs. All three provide valuable tools for monitoring privacy settings on Android devices.

Access Dots - Android 12/iOS 1 Apk


Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 1 Apk is an essential app for Android 12 and iOS 14 users who value their privacy and security. With its simple yet effective functionality, users can easily know when apps are accessing their cameras or microphones. The app has proven to be a handy tool in detecting malicious apps that may spy on user activities without consent.

Although there are a few downsides to the app such as the inability to customize dot colors, it still remains one of the best options available for those seeking maximum privacy protection. Furthermore, the fact that it’s free makes it even more attractive for smartphone users.

Access Dots is definitely worth downloading if you’re someone who values your privacy and wants to keep tabs on which apps have access to your phone’s camera or microphone at all times.



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