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StepsApp pedometer pro mod apk latest version 3.9.6 for iPhone & for android 2021 Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK 2 1
StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk is the most accurate and most downloaded simple and smart steps tracker for you. It auto tracks your daily burned calories, daily steps, a distance of the walk, workout duration, stamina, and pace too.


App NameStepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk
CategoryHealth and Fitness
Size32 MB
Updated on14-09-2021
VersionV 3.9.6
Mod FeaturePremium Mod Unlocked
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How does StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk make our lives healthy?

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk is the most love and most recommended android and apple application by users. With the implementation of this app schedule on daily basis, you will feel healthy and smart day by day. Itโ€™s automatically generated up to dated routine schedule for daily workouts that will be working amazingly best for your health. If you ever feel unhealthy or unfit in life, just use this application right from your devices and let yourselves feel energetic every time.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (6)


As other apps have some of the features in them to attract the audience and make them happy for downloading the apps from their sites, StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk latest version has made sure to provide some of the best features for your device.

Mod Version

If you want to keep track of your daily steps etc. perfectly and amazingly, then this version is just for you. You may have noticed that some apps charge you to get some premium features of the device. StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk for iPhone has solved your biggest problem of spending money on apps features. Our team has designed a Mod version for you to enjoy this premium app for free. All premium features which are essential to use this app are free of cost for you. You can just download it to your devices to enjoy all premium features.

Pocket Tracker

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk 2021 is the type of app that will be working as a pocket app for you into your devices. It turns your device into a smart, simple, and beautiful steps counter. As this is not in physical form so this works fine into your devices to make you healthy and fine.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (7)

Automatic steps counter

Once you have installed this app, you have to turn the tracker on and here you go. This app works perfectly with the live tracker of your body. Whenever you take the step, your step is counted. For example, you have turned this option on and you walked in a street and came back home, you will see that StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk has counted almost every step for you.

Keeping a record of your routine

This tremendous app keeps a record of your daily workout. For example, if you have walked 500 steps on day 1 and 600 steps on day2, your steps will be counted within integrated technology.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (4)

AI Power

This app works perfectly and users have gained positive results by using this app. Thanks to the power of AI technology that has been so far the best technology in the world. When you make some move and take a step, AI detects your steps and makes them count into the device screen. Now you can take the result stored into the device and make this app your habit to work daily.

Apple Health Stats Import

You can easily synchronize your all-day or weekly and monthly data via Apple health and keep yourself updated with active calories n body. All your body fitness measurements can be calculated and added to your stats chart with the help of this amazing application.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (5)


This mod version of StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk is available on both android and iPhone devices. Whether you have any versions of the device, you can easily download it and use it freely.

Simple Design

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk V 3.9.6 has one of the best-used designs in the app. Its extremely simple and cool interface makes your eye feel so much comfortable. Its simple buttons and menus have every possible option in them. You can access these menus and make the app work according to your demand and need. You just have to click on the desired option and that option will be unlocked for you and you can move accordingly.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (8)

Multilanguage support

With millions of downloads, this app also supports different languages, so that our users can have this app on their devices and use it in their own native language. It supports English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, French, Czech, and many more for the comfort of the users so that they use it without any hustle.

History and Trends of Activity

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk has some of the best plans overview methods for you. You can analyze your activity and data of the work in our revolutionary monthly and yearly view chart. You can overview the exact days of your work schedules on which you have to work accordingly. You can easily spot your most active part of the days, week, month, or year and easily identify your activity patterns with the easy view of the app.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (1)

Apple Watch Synchronization

One of the most advanced and extra-cool functions is the support of iPhone apple watch synchronization. Now your watch can also identify your step with the help of this revolutionary technology. Once you have your phone and watch nearby to each other, you can merge the steps and track them intelligently into both of the devices.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (2)

GPS Tracking

Once you have turned your GPS on, you can smartly start your workout with an Apple watch and you can easily and perfectly analyze your routine directly on your iPhone. Thatโ€™s another step to keep a record of the work done by you to enhance your healthy life.

Cool Widgets

A widget plays an important role in the overview of any application so, StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk has been rebuilt in a better way. The application widget has been made to provide an excellent best possible overview of your work activity. The super cool widgets are just waiting for you to dive into this best-ever application in Health and Fitness category.

Beautiful Themes

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk has been integrated with 6 beautiful cool themes. You can spice up your health charts with these hand-crafted colorful themes. These themes are available in blue, green, red, orange, purple, and rose pink colors. You can set your application menus and full theme according to your own color choice which best suits your personality. These different themes give an extra enhancement to your application in a different way.Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK (3)


Is this a free version?

Yes, thatโ€™s a Mod version so that you have all premium features access in it.

Can we store our work plan in this app?

Yes, you can store your all days or weekly even monthly records by synchronizing your app with your android and iPhone apple devices.

Does this app have reminders in it?

Yes, an integrated reminder has been also built for you to keep you updated and informed about upcoming events regarding your workout plan.


StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk is recommended by experts and also by users. You are welcome to download many other Apps and Games from our site. If you have suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us. Enjoy your download.

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StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk V 3.9.6 - StarModApk
Stepsapp Pedometer Mod Apk by STARMODAPK 2

StepsApp Pedometer Mod Apk is the most accurate and most downloaded simple and smart steps tracker for you. It auto tracks your daily burned calories, daily steps, a distance of the walk, workout duration, stamina, and pace too.

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Operating System: Android 4.1& iOS Apple

Application Category: Health and Fitness

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